Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant, hot mix plants, continuous asphalt type plants, parallel flow type plants, and more names for asphalt plants exist. The asphalt factory operates on the principle of combining aggregate with bitumen/ asphalt at a specific temperature to produce a suitable paving mix. An asphalt plant is a sophisticated collection of mechanical and electrical equipment that blends, dries, heats, and mixes aggregates and minerals with asphalt to make hot mix asphalt (HMA) that meets specific road-building specifications. The Asphalt Plant is composed of high-quality steel and has a tough construction that allows it to work well for a long time without sacrificing the quality of the product/mix or sacrificing fuel economy, allowing clients to generate more profit.

The apparatus allows for complete movement. It is a self-erecting model that does not require the use of a crane to install. The equipment is ideal for remote locations and offers cost-effective set-up and production mobility. The equipment is completely pre-wired, so that the user can just plug it in and go. Sets up and packs up with the fewest possible loads and components, so they don’t have to wait for one another to go. There will be no civil works, resulting in significant cost savings and maximum exploitation of the plant site. Aaspa Equipment’s has perfected the continuous Asphalt Mixing Technological with years of expertise in asphalt mixing, key technology tie-ups, and an established base, thanks to the persistent hard work of our technical professionals. Plants built by Aaspa Equipment are known for their high mix quality, low operating costs, productivity, efficiency, and uptime.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant, Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer in Ahmedabad
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