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At Aaspa Equipment, we develop and manufacture be spoke convertible Concrete Canal Paver that may be used on the slope, the bottom, or the whole length of a canal. Years of expertise have helped us to develop a series of equipment that are both flexible and dependable. For level, cross slope, and steering, each machine has an electrical over hydraulic control system. The technique is proportionate, allowing for gradual adjustment without any steps – even minor ones – or traces on the concrete surface. To decrease energy waste and fuel consumption, the major hydraulic circuits are “load sensing.” Hydraulic needle vibrators are used in the vibration system. Each vibrator has its own speed control, allowing the frequency to be adjusted individually.

The system as a whole feature an automated on-off engagement-disengagement control that is synchronised with the machine’s progress. We devised a canal paving technology that relies on internal mass vibration, rather than surface vibration, to consolidate concrete. The hydraulic needle vibrators are positioned within the mould hopper to vibrate the concrete mass and substantially minimise the quantity of air retained. The benefits of purchasing a Concrete Canal Paver from Aaspa Equipment’s include the ability to employ mixtures that would otherwise be too “dry” if less efficient techniques of consolidation, such as pan type vibration or other traditional construction solutions, were used. We do not cut corners when it comes to quality or client pleasure, thus the results are guaranteed. Because the technique for thickening the mixture is linked to the strength, durability, and surface quality of the canal, its life span will be significantly extended.

Concrete Canal Paver in Ahmedabad, Canal Paver Finisher Machine

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