Concrete Screed Paver Manufacturer in Gujarat, India

Aaspa Equipment’s Concrete Screed Paver has a High Precision Cylindrical Finishing of Pavement for Concrete Slabs Like Cc Roads. The frames are built of standard-length welded steel panels that are put together according to the concrete slab’s necessary size. Unique design in that we supply two independent cylindrical finishing rollers, one on the front side and the other on the back side, allowing for superior finishing. Additionally, one may use both rollers simultaneously or stop any one roller as needed. A full-length augur is supplied on the front side for evenly distributing additional concrete on both ends of the slab to provide an even surface, and a separate drive is provided with forward and reverse rotation so that it may be operated in either direction as needed.

Total four drive rollers are provided, with two rollers on each side and separate drives for both ends, allowing the paver to be moved forward or backward as needed. We also supply the ability to switch on/off either side of the drive rollers, allowing the paver to be moved in curved parts of the slab. Aaspa Equipment provides four mechanical type swivel jacks with solid tyres for height adjustment as part of the equipment. and for moving the paver at each end of the construction, where tyres are utilised to insert or remove the paver from the concrete slab’s panel region. The operator has an adjustable seat with a cover at the top of the paver. The needles for vibration purposes are given at the request of the customer and are charged separately.

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